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Battle-Hardened Chariot Revitalised


Your chariot has seen one too many tours of duty serving you. Years of journey on the motoway have taken a heavy toll on your chariot, especially without any prior ArmourUp prep.

Apollo’s Chariot Detail & Restore will do what’s best for your chariot. We know that doing our best is always never enough. In order to present the ultimate harmony of all three senses, we make sure that nothing is overlooked. From cleaning away interior stains to colour correction of exterior paint, we ensure all chariots that are being restored by us look, feel, and smell better than ever!

We restore every chariot as how we restore ours! We are actively involved in improving our clients experience on our services and offering superb products, making sure that new technologies, solutions, techniques, and everything else are better able to help us restore your chariot to stunning conditions.

With vast experiences & wisdom, we will offer you our best and honest opinions based on our experiences. Our extensive range of products & services are catered to take care of your precious chariot.

At Apollo’s Chariot Detail & Restore, we have a great sense of satisfaction and accomplishment when we heighten our client’s pleasure for their showmanship chariot.

Apollo’s Chariot Detail & Restore strives to build a reputation where “people love” instead of creating a reputation that “no one hates”, satisfying enthusiast one at a time!

Appointment for Assessment

Here at Apollo’s Chariot Detail & Restore, we invite you to make an appointment with us. When you bring your chariot in for assessment, we will discuss & help to plan out a range of services that is required on your chariot.

Whether it’s a brand-new vehicle from the showroom, or a vaulted classic, we got everything prepared for it.

Laying Foundation

Once chosen the right plan for your chariot, upon arrival, your chariot will be subjected to a liquid decontamination (decon) one direction wash. PH neutral shampoo is used with one fresh wash mitt per panel, never reused. Chariot’s front & wheels will be cleansed using Iron-X based cleaner.

For battle-hardened chariot, client may opt for ice blasting decon before proceeding for polishing. An interior decon cleansing is optional for a well-abused chariot as well.
After drying the car, mechanical decon will be applied should there be a need. Subsequently paintwork will be polished from a lite to mirror finish polishing, based on clientele’s requirements.

Tour of Duty

In the next stage, we prepare your chariot with PPF, Coating, Tinting & Decarbonising before your tour of duty. Clientele may customise war paints, decals, or emblems (vinyl wrap) to personalise their chariot. We are only limited by our own imagination.


All chariots no matter big or small, new & used, are required to periodically return for maintenance & inspection. We will actively clean up the car and look for areas of wear & tear. Additional over coating will be applied. This is a great way to ensure the longevity of the products, as applied on your chariot.

Loan a Chariot

There are plenty of heart-pounding fast cars out there in the current market, but few are well packaged to constantly provide you with generous amount of euphoria to your mind.

All too often cars with your preferred ilk, leave you strangely desensitised; fun does not always feel fun & fast has synthesised to just a quick pressurised sugar rush sensation. There is no better time than now to simply enjoy the simplicity of contemporary chariots right now. Just you, the chariot, and an open road. Ignite this engine, release your endorphins.

Each chariot is carefully selected based on scientific formulation, built as an honest package for unadulterated mind-blowing & heart-pounding sensation. We feel that these selections will feel special in a way in terms of driving sensation, not because its acceleration was going to tear anyone’s head off.

Their time might have passed, but their day has surely come.


All products must go thru our stress test program & handpicked after, by Apollo’s Chariot Detail & Restore for our clients. From the results of the test under close scrutiny, only podium winners are preselected to be part of our detailing, restoration & maintaining programs. We are not affiliated or sponsored by any brands to provide products & services to our clients.

Our quest to constantly look for new products with better results, therefore, we wish to provide a better maintenance program for our clientele and build a long-lasting relationship.

Apollo was the 1st Olympic winner beating Ares in boxing & Hermes in a race. Your chariot deserves Olympic winning products to outwit outlast the weather & elements.

Our eyes are born in front, so let us forget about your past experiences & look forward to a finer future.

You must strive to be the best, but you must never believe that you are.


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