You have now acquired some detailing knowledge about PPF, Coating & Tinting. But knowledge without an educated action is futile. Apollo is seen as the most beautiful god, naturally, we imagine that you would want to have your chariot befitting in his eyes. Education is said to have originated from Apollo and the Muses. We at Apollo’s Chariot Detail & Restore follow Apollo’s way of life, always seeking the truth. The knowledge we have acquired will form the very foundation of a great education. How do we work on your chariot is dependent on our extensive wisdom & vast experiences cultivated into great educated work ethics.


Dry Ice Blasting

Detailing Restoring & Maintaining

The art of producing long lasting pristine chariots lies in the foundation of the preparation. This foundation requires us to gather expertise info, examine products, tools & techniques infinitely.

By allowing our curiosity to get the better of us, we will constantly enhance our products & services to the next level as technology progress. Rightfully so, thus allowing us to better provide your chariot, a well-deserved upgrade.

Our extensive range of detailing services & products will release your guilty pleasure on your chariot.

” I don’t care what anything was designed to do, I care about what it can do. “

Gene Kranz


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