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It is a commonplace to protect investments, vehicle and luxury possessions are no different. So how do you care for such an expensive purchase that is made to provide you with numerous cherished journeys? From damaging elements to light car accidents, these things do happen even when parked. Can remedy be done when things do go wrong? Here is to help you gain the knowledge you need! (Recommendations are wisdom to ease your chariot’s maintenance, it is not by any means an indestructible solution.)

Note: Protection are defined according to general types of material being exposed to weathering and accidents, therefore, illustrations’ representing the protection do not exclusively reflect or specify certain brands. 

Accidental Scratches

Occasionally someone will get in closed contact with your cherished chariot. You must prepare your chariot for such random events. (Recommends PPF)

Engine Carbon Build Up

With great power comes great responsibility. Unburnt products such as carbon, usually clogs the fuel combustion engine. To ensure engine performance is at optimum level & lifespan of engine is prolonged, it is advisable to maintain your chariot’s engine with new care methods. Port & Direct Injection engines suffers carbon build up in valves & combustion chambers. Gone are the days where engine overhaul was a common practice. The need for treatments, flushing & decarbonising becomes more important than ever before. (Recommends Decarbonising, Flushing & Treatments)


Tree Saps, Bamboo Leaves, Branches or Bushes loves to leave stain marks and deep scratches on your chariot. Their living souls forms a jealousy to your chariot. Your chariot will need to stand up to such hatred. (Recommends PPF & Coating)


Long-term exposing chariot’s paintwork to acidic car shampoo or acid rain will remove the gloss level rapidly. Constantly polishing the paintwork to regain paint work’s gloss will reduce protection of your chariot. Enhance or risk repainting your car every few years. (Recommends PPF & Coating)

Interior Fade

When the chariot’s interior is constantly exposed to UV from the sun, everything fades out and age. No matter what products we apply, the Sun is still going to penetrate your interior materials. Invest in a great tinting is the only best solution to slow down the process (Recommends Tinting)


To a pair of envy eyes, it is irresistible for them to have cognition of evil actions running in their mind. There is no stopping them, and they never get caught. Keep these agonizing thoughts at bay with the latest technologies derived from modern military. (Recommends PPF)

Living Pest

Bugs & birds seems to have an affection or envy to your chariot. They are either committing suicide or leaving their black & white manure marks on your chariot. Highly acidic & toxic to your chariot’s paint work. Advisable to remove with a wet napkin asap! (Recommends PPF & Coating)

Minor Swirls/ Marring

Constantly washing the car leaves swirl marks or marring on your chariot. It is unavoidable; however, it can be reduced to the minimum with proper protection (Recommends PPF & Coating)


Sweat, food and other bio-organisms are usually the main contributing factors to your chariot’s interior odor. Not airing your chariot when your interior is soak with rainwater, causes foul smell in air-conditioning system as well. (Recommends Interior/ Air-Conditioning Cleaning Services)

Oxidation/ Yellowish

Our sun produces very harsh UV to everything it sees. UV causes everything to age progressively, therefore, it is wise to always have sunscreen protection. (Recommends PPF, Coating & Tinting)


Iron dust are produced in vehicle’s braking system. When it is stuck on your car, they reduce car paintwork’s gloss and causing dullness. As it settles into the paintwork, it loses coating’s hydrophobic properties. Rusting on metal parts are due to exposure of oxidation. Best to remove them as often as possibly thru regular cleaning of your chariot. (Recommends PPF & Coating)

Stone Chips

Regardless of which direction the stones are coming at your chariot, chances are it will cause paint to chip off. Thanks to military technologies, gravel trucks, grass cutters & tailgating are no longer inevitable nightmares. Damages are now kept to the absolute minimum as technology progresses. (Recommends PPF)

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