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Newborn Chariot ArmourUp?

For thousands of years, Greek mythology have shaped the world’s art and literature. At the center of Greek mythology is the pantheon of deities who were said to live on Mount Olympus, the highest mountain in Greece. Among the deities, Apollo is the multi talent Greek god of the Sun & light, music & poetry, prophecy & truth, archery, healing & diseases, science & education, knowledge & rationality. Our approach on how we handle your vehicle will be based on Apollo’s way of life.

Apollo’s profession is to drive his chariot and pull the sun from sunrise to sunset every single day. Likewise, your vehicle share the same exposures as Apollo’s chariot to natural elements mainly; stone chips, acid rain, tree sap, iron dust, glaring sun etc. once it rolls out of the showroom.

Just like Apollo, all vehicles are born without armour or projectile protection on their body.

Constantly washing your chariot with strong acid cleaners dulls the paintwork extensively to a point that it ages prematurely, losing its glossiness and clarity.

We are in the profession of vehicle detailing to ensure your beloved chariot is well prepared for your tour of duty on the road, as how we would like to imagine ourselves preparing Apollo’s chariots.

How do you ensure your chariot’s original body paint is in pristine condition, at the same time providing you an uplifting visual pleasure & granted immunity to harsh elements? Apollo’s Chariot Detail & Restore exist to provide you that desired satisfaction of chariot’s showmanship, on parallel with Apollo’s lifestyle.

On a lighter note, your chariot will be of higher value should you decide to return it to the market. Original pristine paintwork is of highest importance right now to determine the true value of your chariot, as witnessed in the world market.

In short – We Protect, you abuse, and everybody may maintain your precious chariot.


Apollo’s Chariot Detail & Restore was conceived for enthusiasts & connoisseurs who share the passion of art & beauty of cars that we drive. As a car enthusiast, who seek to preserve the cars at its best condition, has put in great length to find only result driven products during its tour of duty.

I would like to ensure that mine & your prized possession will be nothing short of spectacular regardless of what services you choose in Apollo’s Chariot Detail & Restore. We want to ensure that all chariots will come out better than showroom’s condition in terms of clarity & attention to details.

As a founder of luxury bag cleaning business since 2006, we have been serving tens of thousands of delicate luxury items, dealing directly with all major luxury brands in Asia. Armed with a combined knowledge of 50 years of know-how in servicing delicate materials, I am ready to bring this knowledge to the car detailing & restoration world.

Apollo’s Chariot Detail & Restore has been crafted thoroughly thru 10 years of observation, 5 years of planning & 2 years of development before opening its door.


Apollo’s Chariot Detail & Restore have gathered a team of artisans with vast experiences and great wisdom in their own field to work on chariots which are not only yours, but our very own as well. Whether it is a modest new daily automobile, or an exquisite exotic, rest be assured we take pride in all our work.


No amount of expertise from the Artisans will be able to produce great detailing & restoration results without the top of the shelves tooling that we have acquired for the work. As technology evolves, our tools are constantly replaced & updated for better performance & results.


These are made exclusively for the petrol-heads. We only require to see a part to remind us of our good times in our chariot. That visual part will echo in your mind for as long as you allow it to.

Participating Suppliers

There are many products out there in the market, however, we only shortlisted results driven products for our chariots. The products are stress tested to meet our requirements, therefore only the podium winners are selected. No brand discrimination is involved during the selection. The content of the products is King.

Community & Charity Commitment

We have pledged ourselves to return as much as we could, back to our community. Whether it is to reduce our carbon footprint, reduce, reuse or recycle, you can be sure our every action is geared towards these directions. Products are sourced to be safe for the environment and applicators. We strive to ensure that users will stand to receive health benefits in the long run.

Charity campaigns will continue to fuel us along the way towards a better community. Generous donations will be helpful to keep our society sustainable. We care therefore we dare to put our helping hands together for our next generation.

Collaborations with local businesses is ever more important to allow everybody an invitation to explore together, it is a social responsibility duty for all of us. Achieve greater heights as a nation, not as individual.

Watch us as our behaviour is an echo of our words.

We are made of emotions. We are all looking for emotions, basically. It’s only a question of finding the way to experience them.

Ayrton Senna

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