Frequently Asked Questions

Yes we have a series of products to further enhance & prolong the clarity life of PPF.

Depends on what you are after, both are able to work hand in hand. Ultimately they all serve the purpose of protecting the original car paints.

Both have the capability of protecting original paint. For every price comes at different level of protection & clarity.

PPF is worth investing, especially for clients who would like to retain their car value in times of selling back to the market.

Every PPF products or brands have different performance based on the content. We will be able to help advice you to choose the right PPF that is best suited for your lifestyle.

Just like any other products in the market, they do have a lifespan to last a certain amount of years before oxidation & UV breaks down the product. In return, the car paint will be well protected from oxidation & harmful UV rays as the PPF deteriorates.

Yes we can with our polishing technicians using the best available tools for such requests.

Yes, it is a sacrificial layer and we will be able to remove it from your car as it’s life span has ended.

Depending on how your chariot is taken care of or the conditions of exposing to elements, it varies for every product from different brands as well.

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